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Tulsa, OK - Pizzeria & Italian
Open Daily at 11AM Tulsa, OK

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Andolini's - Pizzeria & Italian - Tulsa, Ok
Andolini's - Pizzeria & Italian - Tulsa, Jensk, Broken Arrow, Owasso
Andolini's Pizzeria - Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow Pizza Restaurant
Andolini's - Pizzeria & Italian - Tulsa, Ok
Andolini's Pizzeria - Tulsa, Owasso, Jenks, Broken Arrow Pizza Restaurant

Specialty Pizzas

Andolini's Pepperoni Specialty Pizza - Andoini's Pizzeria Pepperoni
Andolini's NYC Cheese Specialty Pizza NYC Cheese
De Marco Specialty Pizza - Andoini's Pizzeria The DeMarco
Clemenza Specialty Pizza - Andoini's Pizzeria Clemenza
The Chelsea Specialty Pizza - Andoini's Pizzeria The Chelsea
New Cinco De Quatro Specialty Pizza - Andoini's Pizzeria Cinco de Cuatro
New Triple Pepperoni Jamfest Triple Pepperoni Jamfest
Peppa Pig Specialty Pizza - Andoini's Pizzeria Peppa Pig

The promise of Andolini’s is that you’ll get pizza and libations that are “Tulsa Style” – raw, honest, and above all else Legit.

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"Top 10 Highest Rated Pizzeria in the U.S." Andolini's Featured On Tripadvisor
"10 places in the U.S. worth traveling to for pizza" Andolini's Featured On CNN
"Best Pizza in Oklahoma" Andolini's Featured On Food Network
"Named on list of best pizza in every state for top rated pizzerias" Andolini's Featured On USA Today
"Named on list of best pizza in every state for top rated pizzerias" Andolini's Featured On PureWow

Bang for Your Buck

With pies ranging from 1416, and 20 inches, Andolini’s offers some of the most enormous pizzas in Oklahoma; with our biggest large measuring at a pearl-clutching 20 inches, you’ll have trouble getting the box of leftovers in your fridge. So maybe it’s best to eat it all in one setting?

20 inch circular pies ( standard geo storm tire size )
Andolinis Andolinis
We’re Sommelier’s.
But with Pizza.
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Andolini's - Pizzeria & Italian - Tulsa, Ok
Andolini's - Pizzeria & Italian - Tulsa, Ok

Feeding Tulsa Since 2005

We are committed to only serving exceptional menu items. That means the process and ingredients must be the best and, above all else, genuine. Being authentic is who we are, and selling something not just great but also unique, is our ever-present goal. We approach the craft of pizza making with a passion for uplifting the art form through excellent service, a comfortable atmosphere, and impeccable food. That’s not only our goal; it’s our promise.

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Andolini's is the go to for Tulsa Catering! Contact us today to get started planning your perfect event. Contact Us For Catering
Andolini's - Pizzeria & Italian - Tulsa, Ok

Meet the Bausch Brothers

Mike & Jim Bausch - Andolini's Pizzeria

"Our belief system is simple, be good to people, make the best thing you can make, and create as many jobs as possible."

"In the top 25 best pizzerias in America, according to pizza-lovers"
Andolini's - Pizzeria & Italian - Tulsa, Ok
Okay, so what makes it Tulsa Style? Texas has BBQ. St Louis Has Ribs. And NY has Pizza, right? Well, we’ve lived in New York, New Jersey, LA, San Francisco, and we’ve combined all the fermentation and culinary practices into one unique thing here in the middle of all those cities using a Flour made right here in Oklahoma. It’s its own thing, just like Tulsa.
🔥 100% Fresh Fresh is a little overused, but we mean it. Andolini’s gets fresh produce seven days a week and never uses a freezer to store anything. No pre-packaged anything. Meatballs made in-house, Ceasar and Ranch made by us, dough balls fermented two days in Tulsa for perfect leavening, and all that goes into making it the best way, which is never the easiest way.
Andolini's Pizzeria - Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow Pizza Restaurant
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